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YARNIE Crochet Pillow Pattern

Yarnie A person obsessed with all things  yarn . They always have something yarn related on them. They are usually multi-craftual. (Knit,  Crochet , Weave) With interest more in the yarn itself verse what is made with it. They often  hoard  yarn that is very expensive just  because they like th e yarn.  -Urban Dictionary  I still can't believe I acco mplished this project. It took me a lot of planning and a few trial runs before I finally got it to come together properly and it sure w as worth it! I am pretty proud of this pillow pattern and I'm so excited to share it with you! 😁 This is going to be pretty long so let's not waste anymore time and just get right into it.  This pattern requires a 20 in x 12 in pillow form and is constructed with two panels, a front and back. Basically two crochet patterns in one. 😉 I purchased my pillow form from Amazon .com. It was actually a little difficult to find the proper size pillow I was going to need. I'll link it here to hope
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How I Crochet Wash/Dish Cloths

Crocheted wash or dish cloths are a staple in my home and they should be in yours too if you're a maker! They are quick and easy to make and are totally awesome 😁 I use mine all over the house from the kitchen to the bathroom. I even use them to clean! They are machine wash-able and dryable and last for years! Plus they look so nice 😍 I have made many different kinds in the past and I think I have finally landed on the lemon peel stitch as my favorite stitch for these and  I always use cotton! I enjoy the lemon peel stitch because it's very satisfying to crochet, it creates a flat piece, and it doesn't require a border. All good things in my opinion 😎 I have tried several different cotton yarns but the two brands I use the most are Lily Sugar 'n Cream and I Love This Cotton. My opinion on the two: Lily Sugar 'n Cream - This yarn has a rough texture compared to the other and I like to use this yarn for washcloths and face scrubbies. It works well if you

Angry Little Crochet Coronavirus

So... uhhh... yeah this happended 😂 I am just going to explain the process here of how I made this little guy; not a formal pattern or anything but you should get the idea to be able to make your own. I started by making the body. I used some gray cotton yarn and made an amigurumi ball with the ratio of 7. That is, make your magic loop with 6 stitches and join, then increase for 7 rounds, crochet around for 7 rounds, and then decrease for 7 rounds. Don't forget to add the eyes before the opening gets to small to do so! oh and stuff it too. I close my amigurumi pieces off with a yarn needle and threading the last row of stitches. I used some embroidery thread to make the angry eyebrows and frown. Next I made the red things, I don't know what they're called 🙎 I did a magic ring with 4 stitches and joined with a slip stitch (be sure to leave long tails to start and end; they will help when attaching to the body). Then I crocheted about 12 stitches (some I made

The Pawsome Pet Mat

Some time ago I crocheted a little pet food mat for my cat, Franklin. I used the tapestry crochet technique to make little paw prints and his name on the mat. It's still my most loved post on Instagram and I wanted to make something that would better suit more makers considering not everyone has a cat or small dog named Franklin 😜 And so The Pawsome Pet Mat was what I came up with for you! 😻 The name idea was actually inspired by a yarn friend @pretty.pine.tree.crochet I modified my original version of the pet mat by removing my cat's name and instead added bigger and better paw prints. It is still a small mat; the finished piece without the tassels is about 14 x 11 in. If you need the mat to be larger to fit your pets food bowls feel free to play around with the template to make it work for you. The Pawsome Mat - Google Sheet Template  The template linked above is essentially the pattern and I explain the finishing touches further here in this post. I uploaded

Crocheted Pizza Keychain

These were honestly so fun to make! If you love pizza or know someone who loves pizza, then I encourage to make this little keychain! I used all scrap yarn which was very satisfying and made me rethink making a scrap yarn blanket 😛 I got the keychains off of amazon I'll leave the link here: Keychains! To create the triangles you will do a single crochet decrease (sc dec) every row after row 1. To do this I go into the front of the loop of two stitches and then pull through both to sc. This makes two stitches into one! Materials:  Keychain Worsted weight yarn in red, tan, and yellow Crochet hooks in 2.25mm (B) and 3.25mm (D) Yarn needle Scissors Needle nose pliers Pattern: Tip: I always leave long tails when I know I'm going to be seaming or attaching parts.  Back Using tan yarn and the 3.25mm hook, ch 11 sts Row 1: sc into the second stitch from hook and across the row to the end. Ch 1 and turn. Row 2: sc dec and then sc to the end. Ch 1 and turn.

The Jessica Scarf

One of my very close childhood friends, Jessica, messaged me one day asking for a custom scarf. She was looking for something over-sized and chunky, and in a color inspired by Winnie the Pooh. Now, of course you can make this extra large scarf in any color you wish to but, if you enjoy the brassy color I made this in originally I will reference the specific yarn I used later. To achieve a very bulky texture that wouldn't be too thick where the wearer would feel choked, I used to larger hook size and looser stitch as to give it a nice squishy texture. Using two or even three strands of worsted weight yarn held together would possibly give it an even better squish than this super bulky yarn. I love the look of the Extended Half Double Crochet (EHDC) and I knew it was the stitch I wanted to use for this project. It's basically a Half Double Crochet and a Single Crochet in one stitch and it creates a beautiful texture. I also love this stitch for bulky blankets! Materials

Twisted Knit Headband

Once you have the assembly idea down these headbands can be made so many different ways. This version is made with double pointed needles (DPNS) and there are a few benefits to making it this way but, if you’re not comfortable with DPNS then you can apply the same concepts explained here to really get creative and make your headband however you like. You could crochet one too! Knitting in the round with DPNS can achieve a very warm headband since it’s double the thickness and the end product has no visible seams. The trade off is that  it takes longer and uses more yarn. If you’re comfortable knitting in the round with DPNS then this project will be pretty basic for you. If you not then it could be a good way to get comfortable with the technique... then you’ll be ready to tackle some knit socks 😉.  I suggest getting familiar with this technique before you start since the pattern is written assuming you know how to knit in the round with DPNS. Look to YouTube for help! There are